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Here at MyPlumb-Sure we are always looking out for your bottom dollar. Living in central Texas you know how hard the water is on your appliances, that includes your water heater. Well, here is an interesting fact, all water heaters with a steel tank are designed to fail. The average life of a steel tank is no more than 12 years. But you do have options. For the same price you would pay big plumbing companies to install a basic heater, you can have MyPlumb-Sure install a STATE water heater for a fraction of the cost of one of the BIG guy's.

Here at MyPlumb-Sure we strive to give you the best service in town. We are dedicated plumber's who take pride in our work in your home. We offer a wide variety of services from installing your: Water Heater (Gas/Electric)

Water Softener's

Reverse Osmosis

Main and small water, gas, and sewer lines

Un-clogg toilet's, sink's, drain's

Replace faucets, toilet's, shower

Camera Detection Service

Sump Pump